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60 Years Combined Law Enforcement Experience 

We are passionate about Belgian Malinois, a strong breed for police, military, sport and
personal protection needs.

About Battle Road K9

Battle Road K9 is your trusted source for AKC-registered, OFA-certified Belgian Malinois dogs for police and home protection. Based in MA, we serve the local area and the rest of the country with smart, loyal Malinois bred for police, military, sport and personal protection. The husband and wife team at Battle Road K9 bring nearly 60 years of combined law enforcement experience to the table.

Michelle is a handler and retired police officer of 25 years and 15 years with the Military. We are proud of our award-winning breeding program that produces strong Police Prospect K9s. We also breed dogs for sale and offer regular litter announcements for our social and confident police prospects and personal protection dogs.

Choose our experienced team for:

  • Police prospect K9s (suspect apprehension, detection, search and rescue, etc.)
  • Home protection K9s (apprehend, bite and/or subdue attackers and intruders)
  • K9s for sport (training, tracking, hunting)
  • K9 for military (tracking, explosive detection, patrol, apprehension, search and rescue)
  • Litter announcements
  • Dogs for sale
We are passionate about breeding Belgian Malinois dogs! They are athletic, strong, smart, dedicated and, above all, loyal to their owners. It’s this passion that drives us to produce dogs that are highly driven, motivated and social. We stand behind every dog we breed, offering proof of OFA certification and AKC registration.

One of the healthiest breeds, Belgian Malinois are hardworking, confident, agile, and alert, making them well-suited for police and home protection requirements. We work closely with our clients from that first phone call to ensure they are matched with the perfect dog for their needs. Our business is built on personalized attention, transparency, honesty and dedication to our craft.

From families and police to sport enthusiasts and military personnel, we cater to a wide range of clientele. It’s our goal to match responsible owners with confident, social and loyal Belgian Malinois to result in a strong and long-lasting bond.


I’m writing this email in regards to my experience with Michelle Glavin and Battle Rd K9. My name is Evan Lally and have had the overall pleasure of having a female (4 years old now) Malinois I named Leesi from Michelle and Battle Rd. I picked up my puppy at around 14 weeks and have never had a second thought. She immediately grew such a strong bond with myself, my entire family, as well as friends and co-workers.

From day 1 her intelligence and warm personality shined. She’s gentle, acts like a teddy bear around people, and beyond friendly with other dogs of all sizes and breeds. Her best friend in my neighborhood is a three-legged Yorkie named Chewie. Also, her protective nature drive is unmatched. Tough when she needs to be! She notices and hears things that I wouldn’t be able to on my best day.

I am beyond in love with her. She is a beautiful dog inside and out. I get compliments that pour in when I’m walking the beach or pond with her, and I feel like she knows just how beautiful she is.

She is more than a dog, she’s my best friend. Always there to comfort me after a bad day or making sure she can cheer you up. She won’t leave my side on most days. These dog from Battle Rd are just so Intuitive, amazing animals.

The process of dealing with Michelle and Battle Rd has always been great and still is. She is always willing to help out, answer any questions, give advice, or whatever I may to know about the dog. From food questions, to training, to boarding etc. you can always tell one of Battle Rds dogs just by the looks and Temperament. A beautiful dog with a kind, amazing, protective, silly, personality.

My experience has been great and I wouldn’t ever trade it. I would highly recommend Michelle and Battle Rd. Excellent company with excellent people and their dogs reflects that. Thank you for your time and if you have any more questions feel free to ask!

Evan L.

Battle Road K9 - Home Protection K9 - Leesi

At Battle Road K9, our strong Belgian Malinois are bred for police, military, sport and personal protection. Based in MA, we provide nationwide services for law enforcement, home owners and more.

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