Police Prospect K9s

Our Breeding Program Produces Strong Police Prospect K9s

Belgian Malinois police dogs trained for obedience, protection, criminal apprehension, evidence recovery and tracking

Belgian Malinois Police K9 dogs

Battle Road K9 provides law enforcement with strong, loyal and intelligent Police Prospect Belgian Malinois. From criminal apprehension to narcotics recovery, our AKC-registered, OFA-certified Belgian Malinois dogs are highly driven, social, courageous and loyal. Malinois are very affectionate with their owners, yet are aggressive and relentless when there’s a job to do.

Known for their dedicated working ability, Belgian Malinois are eager to cooperate with their handlers, and can be used in any variety of tasks, such as:

  • Search and rescue
  • Apprehension
  • Detection
  • Protection
  • Evidence recovery
  • Tracking
  • Obedience


Some police K9 dogs are single-purpose (they have one task to perform) and others are dual-purpose (they’re trained to perform many tasks). Based in MA, we cater to local, regional and nationwide law enforcement departments who want a trusted source to supply them with strong, confident, and intelligent dogs to assist them on the force.

Battle Road K9 is a trusted, top-rated breeders of AKC-registered, OFA-certified Belgian Malinois dogs with strong bloodlines.  Michelle is a retired police officer with 25 years on the force and 15 years in the Military.

Check back often to see our latest litter announcements. The top ranking pups out of any given litter with the highest drive will go to area police departments, with which we have established strong working relationships over the years – Boston PD in particular. Honing our business over many years with word of mouth and trustworthy services, you can be assured of the strongest bloodlines for Police Prospect K9s for your law enforcement needs.

The Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office of New Hampshire decided to implement a K-9 team in 2021. The primary functions of this K-9 unit would be for patrol and narcotics interdiction. The Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office K-9 team would attend the Boston K-9 academy for both patrol and narcotics.

Deputy Abele was selected to be the handler for this unit. Being a previous handler, he knew the kind of K-9 the Sheriff’s Office needed to be successful. The Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office acquired K-9 Saber who was bread at Battle Road K-9 located in Billerica MA.

Deputy Abele and K-9 Saber bonded almost instantly when introduced to each other. This K-9 team went on to certify in patrol and narcotics in 2021. This team has been working the County of Rockingham since September of 2021 and they have been staying extremely busy locating criminals and sniffing out narcotics.

Deputy Abele: “K-9 Saber has met my expectations and more. The bond we have developed over the past year is unbreakable. I could not ask for a better four-legged partner.”

Deputy George Abele
Rockingham County Sheriff's Office
Drug Task Force / K9 Team


At Battle Road K9, our strong Belgian Malinois are bred for police, military, sport and personal protection. Based in MA, we provide nationwide services for law enforcement, home owners and more.

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