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I only have 1 to 2 litters a year. This breed requires a lot of environmental from the day they are born. The majority of my puppies go to Police Departments and Military. I do have clients that purchase their puppies for sport and personal protection. I am not a kennel. My puppies are raised in my home with my family.

Belgian Malinois are a very smart breed. Lots of socialization and training are crucial to have the best dog of your life with any breed. This breed requires a lot of exercise. (Make sure you have some good running shoes!!)

My breeding dogs all go to an excellent Veterinarian. X-rays and brucellosis tests are completed on my dogs along with yearly check ups.

Battle Road K9 puppies do not leave my home without a veterinarian health check . They go to my vet and receive their first vaccination and clean bill of health. Health Certificates are provided with each of my babies. I am not a vet and its important they are examined carefully by a professional.

Potential clients are always welcome to my home to meet the parents of my puppies. My dogs are social and confident. There are no nerve issues. I encourage this!!

Puppies can leave my home at 8 weeks of age. There are NO EXCEPTIONS!! I have a contract for each pup that includes a warranty of health.

Deposits are due at time of reservation and balance is due at 6 weeks of age.

Transportation can always be arranged.

If you have any other question, please feel free to reach out! 978-490-4640 or email me below.

Michelle at BATTLE ROAD K9


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At Battle Road K9, our strong Belgian Malinois are bred for police, military, sport and personal protection. Based in MA, we provide nationwide services for law enforcement, home owners and more.

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