K9 Protection For Home Owners

Keeping you safe in your own home…

Our Belgian Malinois are bred for personal protection and to keep your family safe.

Home Protection K9

Battle Road K9 specializes in breeding Belgian Malinois dogs for home protection. Based in MA, we cater to local, regional and nationwide homeowners who want a trusted source to supply them with strong, confident, family-friendly dogs. Your family has the right to feel safe in your own home. We ensure you can do just that, with Belgian Malinois bred specifically for home K9 protection.

We cater to families of all kinds who want dogs as pets, hunting companions, and even to assist on volunteer search and rescues. The Malinois breed is well suited to home protection due to their fierce loyalty to their owners, their dedication, and their intelligence. With the right training, upbringing and socialization, Belgian Malinois make a perfect fit for families of all sizes. Rest assured, we work closely with families from that first phone call to ensure they are matched with the perfect dog for their needs.

Owning one of our AKC-registered, OFA-certified Belgian Malinois dogs means so much more than simple home protection. You also get a lifelong companion who will guard you and your family with every instinct they have. Malinois are very good with children, they have agreeable temperaments and they have a gentle disposition. But when asked to defend you and your home, they will do so with no hesitation. Your Malinois will become a loving member of your family from the start.

You can never predict when you’ll feel threatened in your home. But you can be prepared for any eventuality with a confident, strong and loyal Belgian Malinois to protect your family.

We met Michelle over 4 years ago and she paired us with Luna. She is the perfect dog with a great disposition towards people and an overall great attitude.

Lisa Yoshisato-White


At Battle Road K9, our strong Belgian Malinois are bred for police, military, sport and personal protection. Based in MA, we provide nationwide services for law enforcement, home owners and more.

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